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A Note To Big Tobacco

on May 28, 2013

6a00e554e81be388340120a5b73a32970c-320wiWhats the deal? You are selling or plan to sell electronic cigarettes but you want it your own way.  You are working against the Vapers with crappy legislation that puts rules into place to harm the small ecig companies and probably run them out of business. WHY? You snake into the game late and then you want to spend the big bucks to take over.  The ecig industry has room for everyone. We do not want your market, why take ours? You can continue to monopolize the convenient stores,gas stations,grocery stores,Walmart and whatever other chains you deal with. That’s the biggest slice of the pie, just like tobacco sales.Keep it and get richer.  Leave the smaller family owned ecig shops alone. We are like the old cigar and tobacco shops. Small little places that harm you not.  Most smokers are going to use the little cig size setups being advertised and sold everywhere. They are not going to hunt down the ecig community online and become one of us. Let it go, Run your huge company, sell to the smokers and let the vapers do their thing.

For the life of me I can not understand why you are so threatened by us. We are not trying to take you down. We are trying to improve our lives and use a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco and avoid carrying around an oxygen tank so our cancer riddled bodies can breath. Is that a problem for you?  You should be thankful that fewer people will be suing you. Less money out of your billions baby. You should be thankful that we have something to use to help us with the damn addiction you created. It’s not a medical cure but its a reduced harm product that could save some lives. How bout that??

Work with us. We really are on the same side in the big picture. You want to cash in and create profit and we want to save lives, either way we all know that ecigs are a positive. Its a good thing. It’s an improvement over cancer and disease and death. Look at the testing thats been done,it’s all positive. How about spending some cash on research and putting ecigs in a more positive light instead of payoffs and creating issues to take over the market. It would be money well spent doing something good instead of using all your money to bring small businesses down and keep people smoking and suffering and dying. You could suddenly become the good guys instead of always being the big harmful tobacco companies. A healthier alternative to smoking and you get to cash in. We already did all the friggen work for you. We got them noticed, we fought for our rights, We made the improvements. Just share the small tiny piece of the market of small business and internet sales that have existed with tobacco all along. BE FAIR, thats an old concept. SHARE, I bet your Mom told you that at some point. Use your billions for good and not evil. Help stop some of the disease and death that you have created. Give people a chance to do better. Hows that for a concept??




5 responses to “A Note To Big Tobacco

  1. simon says:

    Money and greed always means more to them, multi million turnover companies have not and never will care about customers.

  2. rubenstmel says:

    Well said. You always explain things so simplisticly. Another excellent blog. ~♥~

  3. Carl V Phillips says:

    Keep in mind that there is no such entity as “big tobacco”. There are a dozen different companies that have different agendas and tactics. I suspect that most of the actions that inspired this post are attributable to a single one of those companies.

  4. jenn says:

    Ditto,Ditto…Ditto!! Perfectly said as usual.

  5. Mike Weston says:

    Big tobacco can step In and market whatever products it wants but they’d be smart to pay attention to the current e-cig market who is pioneering the industry and new products right now. There’s room for cheaper, disposable e-cigs in this market just like there’s room for cigarettes in with pipes, cigars and smokeless tobacco products in the current tobacco market. Just get your product out there, market it and the market will balance itself!

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