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Vapestock 2013, Awesome Event.

I love the Vapestock event. Its held at a wonderful place. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. The hotel seems to be very cool with the vaping and drinking that goes on and we kind of just take over the entire resort.

The event starts with the meet and greet at Jimmy Guanas patio bar on Friday night.

meet and greet

It’s a wonderful outdoor patio bar where everyone can socialize and mingle. I love just hanging out and meeting so many fellow vapers. We really had such a great time. People walk right up and introduce themselves which I love because I’m a little shy and it makes it so easy for me. I just found a seat with some awesome friends and still got to meet so many people. We ended up on the patio until about 3am. I believe our group was the last to leave. I hated to see the night end.

Thank the Lord the event doesn’t start until noon because after drinking wine until 3am, it takes time to get alive in the morning. I needed coffee and time to get myself together. When we did finally get out there the line was unreal. and in the sun. and WOW! It took a while to get in.

the line

Once you get in you meet Dereck and Laurel who pretty much do everything to make this event possible. Thank you so much you two!


The first Vapestock event had about 300 people attending. Last year it jumped to over 500. This year was just unreal with over 800 people attending. We had the same conference room each year so I’m sure you can imagine how crowded this event has become. It’s just wall to wall people. The room is like being in a crowded cloud.

the room

I had to take a break in there and go out to the patio. My wonderful friends Laura and Blaize took me to lunch. I had the coconut shrimp and it was really good!

lunch break

I was thankful for some fresh air and a little breeze but I had to get back in there and see what was going on. The event had quite a few vendors. Lots of interesting stuff to look at and drool on. It was very cool. Here is a list of supporting vendors.

Empire Mods
Mad Vapes
Totally Wicked
Azure Vaping
Clouds of Vapor
Stormy’s Vapor Cellar
Jan/Dan/VP Live
LJ’s E-Smokes
IB Tanked
Composed Chaos
VaporCraze by 310 Vapers
Volcano Ecigs
Ovale USA
Mt. Baker Vapor
Boca Vapes
Ginger’s e-Juice



Near the end of the event they do a raffle which always seems to get a little crazy. Pete is such a good sport, after sweating in this room all day he did the raffle with people circling and closing in on him. I mean they had him surrounded. Unless you were standing in his face or on a chair (which a few people did) You couldn’t get near it. ┬áMost of the winners were in the group that had him surrounded. They really wanted prizes and Pete kept it rolling, kept everyone laughing and delivered the goods. It was nice.

Pete did the raffle

photo (83)

Classy, me and Chris sat at a table and watched and it really was amusing. My friend Classy won a few prizes so it was nice. Its fun to watch the excitement people have when they win. I love the hoots and howls from the crowd. People love the raffle. I think  Vicki won another mod!! She seemed happy so I figured she did.

The only sad thing about Vapestock is it seems the event has grown so much that we truly have outgrown the room. It was extremely crowded and unbelievably hot. It was difficult to get near the vendors tables to see what they had. The doors were all open and the AC was off, it was just HOT in there. It’s sad because they may need to find a bigger place to host Vapestock and I love this spot. Its a great place. It’s such a relaxed comfy atmosphere. Kinda sad.

After the event we all headed back to Jimmys for drinks and pizza and had another awesome night. I love this group of ladies and they totally amuse the hell out of me. I laughed so much my face and tummy hurt.

the crew

It was just such a fun night.


I had to get my pic with Jeremy Dollar and ErictheDad. Such nice guys and they were having so much fun. They were adorable!!

All in all it was the perfect event and I had a total blast. Thank you to everyone who makes Vapestock possible. The Sun Coast Vapers group, all the vendors, the hotel staff who puts up with us, everyone!! Thank you so much for my favorite weekend of the year!!


Here are some photos taken by HzG8rGrl.

Some great vendor pics from Blaize.

PS.. I stole some of these photos from the Vapestock group. I hope its okay. If not let me know. I will steal some different ones..


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