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Why You Need to Join CASAA.

on August 24, 2013


We all know that the FDA is going to regulate electronic cigarettes in the very near future.

CASAA is meeting with the FDA on Monday.  Want to know what happens?

Take a break from polishing your mod and read this.

What can we do about it? Well, We have to be informed. How do we do that? We have to get together and join a group called CASAA. They have been fighting for our right to vape since the beginning. They have been involved in every ecig ban and battle in the US. It’s a fully volunteer group.  The members donate their time to fight for all of us. It’s an endless task for the board. They have done things I didn’t think were possible. I know that our only chance is to join together and show that we have power in numbers. The more that join, the stronger a force we become. We are up against companies that have an endless supply of money to pay people off. They have pull. We have ourselves. A group of people with loud voices. We have votes and we can make it known that we will not vote for candidates that take the payoffs. We can make a difference if we are a huge consumer group that gets involved. Power in numbers. Join.

It costs nothing to be a member. The info is free. The help is free. You can donate and offer help whenever or wherever you choose.  It’s such a small commitment to be a member. Have a voice, add to our member count. This is so important and you have no excuse not to do it. It costs nothing to help. We want to get everyone involved and informed about whats going on and then we can make an impact.

If you do nothing you may as well be helping the other guys. I can not stress this enough. They need to see us a united front. A group of people who care enough to fight back and have our voices heard. IT DOES MATTER!! Join and help us change things.  No pressure, no money involved, just do what you can. That is all. Nobody will bother you or ask for anything. You will know whats going on and YOU decide how you get involved. No excuses, No reason not to join. POWER IN NUMBERS! That is what we need. JOIN!

Join here and make a difference. Do not ignore this and sit on your butt.

Then go join the Facebook group for info and updates.



2 responses to “Why You Need to Join CASAA.

  1. sho2dapan says:

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  2. sho2dapan says:

    Joined Yesturday!!! its like buying a bottle of juice a month…

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