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Ecig Research and Facts (Know the Truth)

on August 28, 2013

486913_10151083513868590_1927587101_n We have a lot going on in our vaping community with the FDA and testing and false information being spread around the news as if it were fact. The problem is we do not know what to believe. The darn government tells only what it wants us to know, some true, some not so much, and then the news spreads it like a wildfire. They omit the truth.

The recent stories that have been going around about ecigs  are that the FDA is going to ban online sales of ecigs. The truth is WE DON’T KNOW if that’s true or not. From what I can decipher the FDA met with some of the Big Tobacco companies and they were pushing for online bans because that would allow them to pretty much corner the market. The cheap mostly disposable type ecigs they sell are available just about everywhere that tobacco cigs are sold, so everywhere. If they can get the FDA to ban online sales, people would be forced to use their sub-par products instead of researching and finding better ecig products online. Lets face it, we do not have ecig shops in every town yet so Big T would profit immensely if this happened. It’s all about money and they want the market to themselves. Will the FDA be bought and go along with it?? Maybe.  We will find out in October.  For now the FDA are denying saying that an online ban is coming. They deny it was said.

The next topic is the French study. It’s all over the news and the web telling people that ecigs are dangerous and cause cancer. The part they skipped was that ecigs are a 1000 times safer than tobacco cigs. The results of the french magazine/consumer group tests are proof that ecigs are safer. HOW FUNNY IS THAT?? Not very if you are told just the negative parts of the story. Here is a link and a look at the science behind the fear mongering. The truth is they are only telling what they want us to hear. They skipped over the truth. They want to scare new users to go back to smoking. Its wrong. Read the study, it only takes a minute. Learn the truth.

It shows just how much safer ecigs are than tobacco smoke. Facts don’t lie. People lie and they do it to scare consumers and steer them where they want them to be. Buying tobacco or using useless pharmaceutical products that do not work so that you continue to smoke, eventually develop health issues and need more pharmaceutical products and eventually die a slow painful death. Yup! That is the plan.

Bottom line is they want to cut ecigs because THEY WORK and it cuts into the profits of Big tobacco companies and Big Pharmaceutical companies. These companies are paying big bucks to stay on top. They can afford to pay their way for what they want. All we have is the truth and scientific facts on our side. What is more important, people’s health or  profits for the big guys?
We have the proof, We just have to figure out a way to get people to listen to it. Have any ideas to share? Join CASAA and help us figure it out.

 Link to the CASAA FB group.
Get involved and Help us get the honest information and facts out to the public. People deserve to know the truth.  Think about how many lives can be saved. It’s worth it. IT MATTERS!!

3 responses to “Ecig Research and Facts (Know the Truth)

  1. Tina Marie says:

    I love your proactive articles! Thanks for informing the public of this issue!

  2. John Hallal says:

    Great post! These ‘research’ organizations always seem to be focusing on what they want to focus on, and forgetting that their purpose is to inform people of the truth. Here is a post that I cam across on what the CDC ignored on its kids and e-cigs research:

  3. Bess says:

    Don’t forget, its not just Big Tobacco. The Government makes a huge amount of money, in the form of taxes, off of cigarettes.

    And what about the children?

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