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FDA Regulations Are Coming. Fight Back.

We have all got to pay attention to whats going on here. If you believe that the FDA is looking out for our best interest you are hugely mistaken. This is all about money and power.  Our health and welfare is not a concern in this battle, it’s about profits. That is how the government is run now. The big corporations pay to get what they want and we suffer the consequences.

The FDA has turned in its paperwork to the feds, who then send it back after checking it over and then we have a chance to see what they propose. It’s supposedly a chance for people to speak up and be heard about the issue. I’m sure CASAA will issue a huge call to action to get everyone involved and everyone should help in any way they can, but it may take more this time than a call to action. We need media. We need to be heard. We need attention. We need a bigger voice to explain that the FDA plans to endanger the lives of millions so that the big corporations that feed them funding will remain in control.

We have always known that this battle is about money, but now it’s reached a point where they decide what is acceptable for ecigs in the market place. They can regulate the smaller vendors right out of business. If they remove flavors, the juice vendors are gone. If they remove online sales many of the vendors will be gone. If they over regulate they will destroy the industry. Big Tobacco and Big Pharm would enjoy that. Big tobacco can continue to sell cigarettes and cigalikes that do not work and Pharma still sells their NRTs in wonderful flavors that also do not work. Then when all the smokers get cancer or other smoking related illnesses they sell drugs to help them die less painfully and give them a glimmer of hope that they may even survive so they can continue the game. Its sick and sad and it should not be allowed. That is not why these people were chosen to make choices. They are NOT doing what WE as taxpayers are paying them to do.

It’s a scam and a crime.

The world should be embracing ecigs as a reduced harm product that can save millions of lives. The government and the FDA (who are supposed to be on our side and working for us) should be doing whatever they can to make this product available to the public and should be thankful that so many people have switched to a healthier lifestyle. They claim to want people to stop smoking!!!  They do not. Its a money game as I said, Profits over health. I honestly believe that we somehow need to hold them responsible for the regulations they propose and eventually pass. They are choosing the profits of a few over the lives of many and that is a crime. It’s blatantly endangering the public, Murder, Call it whatever you like.

We need to take a stand and fight back with all we have. It’s not about being able to get product because a black market would simply cover that. It’s about keeping ecigs available and easy to obtain for every smoker now and in the future. It’s about the millions that have never even tried them. It’s about allowing a safer reduced harm alternative to the smoke/cancer/meds and death cycle. A safer alternative should be welcome!!! We can not allow them to endanger all these lives and sit idly by and watch. What can we do? We need to attract media attention, get the word out about what is truly happening and we need it quick. Call out these corporations for the killers that they are and let everyone know that the FDA is going along with it and they do not care. The almighty buck is in control. What can we do to stop this atrocity and inform people? Any good ideas? A media blitz?? If not we may have to start a fund to support a new lawsuit to fight back and that would be costly and take years.  We need to make some choices and take action.

We need to band together and fight this fight.

Time is running out. It’s now or never.


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