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WHY DO THEY LIE? and Who Will Die?


We have so much going on right now in the vape community. It’s hard to follow everything. I try daily to post as many news stories and info as I can so I can help vapers stay informed.

So far it appears to me that someone big is paying off many government officials, ANTZ for different causes and even scientists. I could sit back and watch and not come out and say it but that has never been my style. We seem to have huge pharmaceutical companies that make large profits from smokers that do not want ecigs to succeed and they will pay to see that happen. I’m amazed that it’s so simple for a group to get people to go along with them and cause so much damage, cause cancer, suffering and even death, just for MONEY? What about humanity? Are all these people really so selfish and gullible? They are all willing to band together and stop a product that can minimize danger and save lives. WHY? and where are the right people? The people willing to stand up and say NO! This is a big story when you look at the bigger picture. It’s not just about electronic cigarettes, it’s about something so much bigger. The pharma companies are taking over and changing laws and causing harm, even death just to sell more product.  Where does it end? Cancer cures? other cures? There is no money in cures only treatments. Remember that cuz your turn will come.

What can be done? The news people are afraid to tell the truth, and everyone else with the power to do anything is instead getting on the payroll and taking the money like hired hit-men. It’s very hard to find people with enough balls to stand up. We have some GREAT ADVOCATES but we need more. We have science to prove vaping is safer but we need big voices to get the true science out and stop the misinterpreted or phoney research stopped. The CDC, the FDA, they are not being honest. They want that Parma money so they are going along with the lies. Is it wrong to want the truth to be told? Do people not deserve the truth?

Here is the truth, ecigs are safer than smoking. It has no 2nd hand smoke. Vaping is 99% safer than smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes can save lives. They work. Big pharma companies want them banned or overly restricted so that vapers can not get them. Governments are helping them do this. Its wrong. Pharma wants to sell NRT products that do not work so you have to keep coming back to buy more and more. Once you get sick and develop cancer they will provide you with very expensive meds and treatments so they can profit more.  They do not want us to quit smoking, they do not want to help us, They want to make money off of us. The government helps them do this. Nobody wants to tell the truth and stop this from happening. It needs to stop. Now.

Electronic cigarettes are safer than smoking yet cigarettes are available EVERYWHERE!! Everywhere. everywhere.

Something needs to be done, this needs to change. They are purposely allowing you to smoke and removing safer alternatives.

How does that make you feel? They are killing us. For money.

If you are one of the people profiting from this scam I pray that at some point you are held totally responsible for every thing you did to help this happen. Every word, every lie and every dollar. Own what you do and take your medicine. Take it!

Karma always evens the score. I like that fact, do you?

  I try daily to post as many news stories and info as I can so I can help vapers stay informed. I spend quite a bit of my time keeping vapers informed so we can fight back and work as a team. You can follow me on FB if you choose.



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