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Origin mod and Patriot RDA from Angelcigs

Usually my posts are about advocacy or the vape community itself. Every now and then I like to throw a review in here if I try new products and want to share my opinions. I have been vaping for 5 years and have tried many products.

I do enjoy doing reviews but its not my regular forte. Sooo, here we go…


I received the Origin mechanical mod and Patriot RDA from Angelcigs. I have tried other mechanicals and I do have other rebuild-able atomizers. I wanted to have a setup that was attractive and functional for use when a bulky set up was not convenient. This set up definitely passes as far as attractive goes. It simply looks amazing and the size is perfect. Its an affordable mod that looks and functions wonderfully.


The Origin has a 510 connection, uses 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries so it is flexible as far as size is concerned. It comes with tubes to be used in all listed sizes. It is a brass mod with a bottom lock ring so it is safe and attractive. Bottom line is for the price, it functions very well. Its a great mod to test the waters and try a mechanical.



I paired the Origin with the Patriot RDA and they look beautiful together. The patriot is built well and has plenty of airflow. It has 2 good size air holes that function well. It has 3 posts so 2 coils can be used for max benefit. It has plenty of room to work with and holds a fair amount of liquid so you can hit it several times between fills. Over all for the price, its a great place to start. At $8.99 its well worth the investment. I am thoroughly enjoying the match up I chose.


So, in closing I would just like to say that it does not cost a fortune to try dripping and get a mechanical set up. Its better to test the waters with something affordable and make sure that its the direction you want to go. You can always upgrade later if you find that rebuilding and blowing clouds is your thing. I am glad I chose to use Angelcigs, their prices and selection are great. They have something to suit almost every budget. Find something that will work for you. Its a whole new adventure once you try cloud chasing. Good Luck!!

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