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No Underage kids in Vape Groups

on December 4, 2014

301186_431566083556596_1353567336_n One of the big complaints of ANTZ and  organizations that are against vaping is to say that we are endangering children and tempting them with sweet flavors. We as vapers and normal thinking people know that is not true. We use flavors because adults like flavors. Flavored alcohol is very popular, it sells well and nobody is complaining that it’s marketed to children. We just accept that adults like whipped cream and creamsicle flavored vodka.  Most of the FDA approved NRT products also come in sweet, fruity, or minty flavors. Is that for the children? Why would ecigarettes be any different? Should they only come in bad tasting tobacco flavors? Isnt that what we are trying to get away from? Isnt that why we quit? It makes no sense at all.

We are not promoting vaping to kids. We use flavors because we like them. We all have common sense and know that vaping is not for children. Now to the subject of this article. Please, please do not allow children under 18 into your vape groups. Vaping is adult oriented and its wrong to allow children to be involved. I’m saying this as an advocate, because we are under fire and ANTZ are looking for negative things to say about us, and I’m saying this as a parent of teens. My kids are no angels. I expect them to do things that I would not allow but it is 10x worse when I see other adults allowing it to happen.  If you give my kids cigarettes I will blow a gasket and ecigs are the same. If a parent chooses to allow their teen to vape then its their choice, it’s not anyone elses choice. Do not condone or allow these kids in our vape groups. If they are going to do it, let them do it with other kids or their parents, not us. We should never allow underage members in our vape groups. Period.

I have seen underage kids asking for supplies and liquids. Do not give it to them. Check their FB profiles and look for signs of their age, you can usually tell pretty easily. If you think they are underage let the admins of the group know and let them know that you disagree with juveniles being allowed in adult vape groups.  It’s up to us to protect ourselves and our groups. Vaping is for adults, teens who have adult permission should also have an adult who will help them get the proper supplies. It is not our place to ever give any vaping material to someone elses child.

I know some will disagree with me and thats fine as long as people running the groups, Admins, and other responsible members understand. Lets keep the kids out of it and not feed the ANTZ.

Vaping is for adults only.

Vaping groups are for adults only.

Please keep the underage kids out of it.

Please do not feed the ANTZ crazy ideas that we promote underage vaping.


One response to “No Underage kids in Vape Groups

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you! Well said.

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