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Are You Ready To Rumble? Lets Fight!

on January 15, 2015

Its January. 2015. Time to get ready for the Vape Wars.

This is the big one. As a vaper you have to watch what is going on in your area and GET INVOLVED! Its time. City and state government are going to try to pass new legislation to harm our right to vape. Taxes, regulations, and flat-out putting us in the smoking category. This will decide our future. The future of vaping and millions of people’s right to quit with a safer, easier method. Vaping is not a crime. Lets keep it that way.

Get Involved.

Please, get involved. You can keep up and get all the info you need from CASAA and also from The Vaping Militia . These are the people who are organizing and helping to keep us informed so that we can fight for our right to a safer alternative. Use them, join them, be them. We need to do this. Join NOW!

Join Now.

I know we are all waiting for the FDA to make their move, but this is when the smaller bodies get their ducks in a row and stick it to us. We need to pay attention and not let them put outrageous legislation into action. Once they do it, we are screwed and its very hard to get that back. If we allow high sin taxes to pass, we live with it. If they treat us the same as smokers even though they have no proof of danger to bystanders, we live with that. They can claim it’s not a ban but basically it is. They want to make vaping expensive and inconvenient so that smokers will continue to smoke.

They want you to smoke!

Remember this, They care nothing about our health. They care about money. Safer alternatives like vaping mean less tobacco taxes, less sickness, less pharmaceutical money for cessation, and less money spent on expensive cancer treatments. They want that money. We need to fight if we want people to do the right thing. They are not going to volunteer to do the right thing. It’s a fight. Put on your boxing gloves and get involved. Its going to take all of us working at this to get a fair outcome. We can win. The power is in the numbers.  Every time we fill a room with the truth we change things. Be there, help make the change happen. Every single little battle matters in the war.

Get involved. It matters. Power in numbers.

We need to stand together and fight for our rights.




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