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Vaping- Why Are We Destroying It?

on June 1, 2015

So as some of us sit and struggle with ideas to keep vaping available to smokers and fight battles on a daily basis to protect our rights and our industry, others exploit it and only think about profits.

The giants we fight care nothing about health or offering people a safer alternative to smoking and cancer, and neither do some of the people who claim to be a part of our very own community. Not only do we have to fight major corporations who are bribing health orgs to work against us but we have to fight for fairness and dignity in our own home.

It’s an important time for vapers. The FDA is going to attack and try to run us out of business because smoking and disease is much more profitable for them and the corps that fund them. They are looking at us under a microscope and trying to find fault. What do we do? Some of us hand it to them on silver platters. Some of us do not care. Some of us may as well be on their payroll. Is it possible some of us are?

We have many issues going on that could be handled and nipped in the bud if the people causing the issues cared at all about the survival of vaping.

1. Trademark infringement. Stealing artwork, logo, and names of popular products. Using well-known licensed names and artwork on eliquid bottles to make a buck. BE CREATIVE or hire someone to do your labels with your own logo. Its stealing and its illegal to use another companies trademarked images. STOP DOING IT! If you have decent liquid people will buy it without the stolen labels.

2. Clouds. competitions, being rude in public, filling convention hotels with so much vapor that alarms are going off, companies running these competitions to get customers, It’s a gimmick and its causing issues and it makes us look like idiots. When the media bad mouths us they always show some vaper in a black vape Tshirt blowing a huge cloud at people. Make the connection. It looks bad! It’s not good. Stop doing it.

3. Naked or almost naked women at vape events. Who had this bright idea? Some 20-year-old kid? Women vape and you are alienating them from your product. I’ve asked. Most woman avoid vendor booths that do this. You could attract ALL VAPERS if you got a few of our cute vape girls from the community that actually have a clue and are informed and helpful to wear your company gear and hang at your booths and help people. They will still attract the guys and not scare away the woman and everyone would be happy. PLUS! we wouldn’t look like idiots that can not sell a product. OMG! We may even look professional! Imagine that?

Am I ranting and angry, yes. Do I have a right to be, yes.

This is a crucial time and vapers are not getting involved, they are not trying to help save our industry. They are causing problems and destroying us from within and it needs to stop. These shop owners need to get involved and spend the time they spend organizing blowing contest into organizing their customers to do something to help our community. Have a fund-raiser, show up to a call to action from CASAA. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE! People are only interested when it includes a freebee then give out samples after the town meeting where you showed up and stood up. How bout that?

The bottom line is it’s up to us. We need to stand up to the companies and people who are creating issues. We need to say NO!  We need to boycott and stop them from using us to make a quick buck, because they do not care if vaping survives, they are just here to grab your money and walk away and wait for the next get rich quick scheme to come along. It’s a choice, feed them or stop them, you choose. I think the choice is simple.

DO YOU CARE ABOUT VAPING? Do something about it.


2 responses to “Vaping- Why Are We Destroying It?

  1. Josh Weir says:

    Very well written & blunt article. Thank you so much for that and supporting advocacy. I’m a vape shop owner in central Nebraska and we preach it daily to everyone that walks through our doors. Some people just don’t know what’s going on. We finally got people fighting for this industry. It makes me proud to come across an article such as this and to see people fighting for their rights to end their dependency on tobacco. Thank you so much again, Josh Weir( Modsterz Vape Shop)

  2. beekle says:

    I totally agree. People ‘stealth’ vaping on planes or trains is something that really grinds my gears, it’s unnecessary. Totally makes us vape folk look like the idiots.

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