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The WOW Vapor V-Kit Review

on July 17, 2015

20150717_142805 (1)The WOW Vapor V-Kit is a new 5v ecigarette that is very simple to use. I would definitely recommend it to a newer vaper or for someone who already vapes and wants a well made, strong, easy to use product to keep them from smoking.

When I received this kit it was nicely packaged. It came in 3 layers once opened. The top layer contained a nice metallic case with a magnetic top that holds the battery, cartridge, and refill liquid. the 2nd layer contained the battery, cartridge, and refill liquid and the 3rd layer contained the charger and wall adapter. Very nicely packaged setup.


My kit came with a tobacco flavored eliquid in 18mg because that is the mg I ordered. You have choices to suit your needs. I also received a watermelon cartridge and refill liquid that I have thoroughly enjoyed and have already refilled my cartridge a few times. Refilling is very easy. You simply remove the cartridge from the battery, unscrew the mouthpiece, and gently add liquid to the filler material around the center hole until it is soaked in and moistened being careful not to get liquid into the center hole. Be patient and allow the liquid soak into the filling as you continue to fill.

The battery life on the V-Kit is very good. It’s a sturdy well made battery that feels good in your hand and has more than sufficient power to resemble smoking. I also like that you can use the ecigarette while it is charging so that you do not need to go without. If you feel the urge to vape, you can simply add the cartridge and take a few puffs while charging. Very convenient! A definite plus that not all ecigs offer.


The WOW refills that come with the product are quality liquids and the flavors are very good. I personally prefer fruity flavors over the standard tobacco types, I am an ex-smoker and do not require tobacco type flavors anymore. They have many different choices and I’m sure something to suit everyone. Try several different cartridges so you can find one that suits your needs. Some people like to change flavors during the day, that might be you, plus it’s just fun to try new flavors.

Overall I am very happy with the WOW Vapor V-Kit. The quality, strength, and convenience are all there. Its well made and easy to use. The flavors are good, true to the names, and a breeze to refill. The battery is well made, easy to use, and convenient to recharge. The case is attractive and makes it easy to take on the go. I would definitely recommend this product to someone who wishes to find an alternative to smoking that is easy to use and will work for them.

WOW Vapor V-Kit can be purchased here-


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