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Old School Vape Meets- Vapestock

on September 12, 2015

540561_4040627384871_683265181_n  Who remembers Vapestock? It was one of the first vapemeets. Not the first, but back there. It was small. I mean in one little room, sometimes it was so stifling hot even with all the doors open, like being in one huge cloud. It was awesome. LOL! I miss it. I really do.

Links to show you. This was the broadcast from 2012.

My Blog from 2013-

I miss the small events. We didn’t have 5,000 new products each year so there were fewer vendors. We didn’t have 5,000 different eliquid vendors. It was less hype and more just a social gathering so everyone could hang out together and have fun. The room was not huge, no blaring music, no cloud comps, no craziness, just socializing and shopping and trying new things. I know vapers today might laugh at us but it was awesome. We were kinda rebels, vaping was not as mainstream as it is now. It was very cool.

Just in the few years that we had a Vapestock we went from 300, to 500, to 800 vapers. Thats a huge growth. We out grew the venue. It was just not possible to hold a meet like that anymore. The industry has out grown that stage and now we have huge mega cons and expos. I wish we could go back and do it again. Just for us old timers. I think we lost a lot of the sense of community as we grew. I want that back.

I know as long as vaping is kept available and allowable vape meets will continue to grow and that is fine. We need the industry to grow. I just wish every now and then we could go back to the little groups and social gatherings, the people, the help, the community, that family feel we had back then. I miss it. Onward and upward. We will continue to grow.

See you at the next meet, if I can find you in the crowd!!


One response to “Old School Vape Meets- Vapestock

  1. helenmayberry says:

    I was there for the first Vapestock. I miss the days of little meets and socializing. Now even local meets seem to be all about selling.

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