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Why FastTech Totally SUCKS

fasttech-logoSo I have ordered from FastTech before and as long as you triple check that all the items on your order are in stock and ready to ship you MAY get them in a reasonable amount of time, but you may not. Its a risk. Usually it takes quite a while, weeks or sometimes months.

The products they do offer are not always the exact product you receive. Sometimes it says Authentic, but its not. Its a knock off. Its a risk. Seems there are many risks involved when placing an order. Will the product be good, or will it be junk? Thats the question.

My last FastTech order never showed. I needed some items desperately and had very little spare cash so I decided to save some money and go with FastTech. What a mistake that was. I placed my order in May. The 11th I believe. Here I sit 3 months later with NO PRODUCT! Seems it disappeared somewhere between them shipping and me receiving. So what does their customer service do? NOTHING!! They have lied and made excuses for not reshipping or refunding. They claim they have to wait 3 months for USPS to file a report and find my missing package. They can not help me at all and its all USPS fault. Sorry FastTech but that’s what we call POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. If  I pay for an item and I do not receive the item it reflects poorly on you. It is your responsibility to make sure your products actually make it to the buyer.  I have been more than fair, I played your little games, and now I’m pissed off.

SEND MY DAMN PRODUCT or issue a refund!!!

Am I upset? Yes I am. I despise companies that take advantage of people, lie, and rip people off. Will I order from FastTech again? NO WAY, unless you have extra money that you would choose to throw away or flush down the toilet bowl, no, I do not recommend dealing with FastTech. They suck. People are complaining all the time about the poor service they receive when dealing with this company and now I believe it. First hand. Bad company.

So that’s where I stand in the FastTech debate. The customer service is horrible and if they lose your product in shipping you are out of luck, you either eat it or do a charge back. The game for them is to con and connive long enough and make fake promises until a charge back is not possible and then laugh when you finally give up.  Thats the way it works. It is a rip off.

I have an email 20 replies long that shows exactly the way my adventure with FastTech went. I can show it to you. It shows how they behave and I DO NOT RECOMMEND putting yourself in a position to have to go through that so just SAY NO!! Spend a few extra dollars and avoid the headache and months of frustration. DO NOT order from FastTech. Its a rip off.  Find another company.

If you wondered why they can charge so much less it because they charge people and never send the product. They have product to spare from all the rip offs. Fastech if you can hear me,


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