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The Sky is not Falling. FDA Regs.


The FDA put out the regs and it seems to have caused a little panic in the vape community. Please do not panic. The bottom line is the regs are not good and they did not change the grandfather date. It looks bad but lets let the legal guys on our side check it out and explain what our next steps will be to get it on a more fair playing field. We have things we can do and steps to take legally.

It’s not the end. Have faith.

The most important thing you can do right now is to get involved and help. Join CASAA and any other group that is working on this. We need bodies and voices. We have needed you all along but now is a good time to start because this could be a huge battle. Get involved, Please. Running around screaming that the sky is falling is not helping, you actually need to be involved and helping so we can turn things around.

We have time. Its going to take 24-36 months for these regs to be fully enforced, if they hold up. You need to stay informed and find out how it affects you as a consumer or as a business owner. Do what needs to be done to keep going. Make sure you are doing the right things. The best way to do that is to join the various groups that keep us informed. We have consumer groups like CASAA, business groups like SFATA and many others. Join all and any.  Get the information from places that know. Do not allow the trolls to scare monger and create fear.

Being informed is your best defense.

The bottom line is, the sky is not falling, we knew this was coming. We have been fighting these battles for years and this is just another move in the game. Be calm. We have time. We need to figure out what the next move is. Stay informed and be a part of that next move. Its going to take an army.

We have an army, Its called the vape community. Be part of it.


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