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Great Lakes Vapor. Since the Beginning.

glv1I started vaping in 2009. We did not have a ton of options back then. Most people used 510, 901, or 808 cigalikes. It was the beginning of the ecig community and mods were just being created. Watching things grow and change over these last few years has been amazing.

I have watched many ecig companies come and go. Some of the original mods were Trogs Screwdriver, The GLV,The Chuck, and the Silver Bullet. Variable voltage and feeder mods came later. It was a much simpler time to be a vaper. The choices were limited and you were lucky to get any of the mods. Most had waiting lists that you had to get on. We didn’t have shops you could just run into and grab something. People were building these on their own in garages and homes and selling through ECF or other ecig sites.

5v and 3.7We have lost some of the oldies but goodies in the past few years but some companies adapt and grow and change with the times.  My favorite is one of those companies and I’m glad. Great Lakes Vapor started out purely online, building mods from home and selling on ECF. They made their mark and were able to rent an old winery to use as a base to build and ship. I remember how awesome it was to see them have a physical address for their business. They were selling GLV2’s that were 5v and a Mini that was 3.7v and 510 attys. Thats it. They had made a name for themselves and it was so cool.

photo (5)Over the past few years Great Lakes Vapor has continued to grow, They have come out with a few different mods. They went bigger with the double 18650 XL, the mini XL with one 18650 and then they went tiny with the Super Mini that takes one 16340 that fits right in the palm of your hand. They have done a feeder called the GLV3 that connects to an actual GLV2 tube mod and extends its use as a feeder. The owner Jay Fisher is a genius. He never ceases to amaze me. His newest creation is a box called the Switch that can do Sub ohm and It has 2 settings. You can have it set up at 15 and 40 watts, or 25 and 40 watts. One mod that can handle a multitude of attys.

umiThe latest release from Great Lakes Vapor is an entire GLV juice line. Yes, they now have their own eliquid line to stock and sell in their 2 shops in Michigan. They are also available in their online store. I love and use a few of their flavors daily. It’s definitely worth trying.  Prices are fair and quality is amazing. I’ll add the link below so you can check it out and see the mods and liquids that they have available.

This company, Great Lakes Vapor, has stood the test of time, stands behind their products, gives a lifetime warranty on their mods and they have been a major part of the ecig community since the beginning. This is part of ecig history. We really need to support these shops before they all become obsolete and we end up with nothing but Chinese products on the market. We need to support USA made products, custom-made, with craftsmanship not an assembly line. When is the last time someone offered a lifetime warranty from China?

Check them out and try a cool mod and some eliquids.

I recommend them highly and respect them greatly.

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