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V4L 5v Zeus Review

I’m going to try to be quick and to the point, hopefully it works. I used V4L when I started vaping and they had wonderful products for beginner vapers. I needed more power for my vape before they chose to move into higher voltage and mods. I still believe they have the best cig sized stick batteries available and they have a huge cartomizer selection. They now carry mods and Ego sized batteries and VV Volts, and they just released an automatic VV Volt that is a wonderful device. My favorite thing about it is I can slip it in my back pocket and its safe. It’s Very cool and I’m totally enjoying it. V4L has come a long way lately.

Vapor4Life is about to release a new product called the Vapor Zeus. It’s a 5v 900mah battery and a 3ml cartomizer.

photo (60)

Dual mode Zeus, Auto Dial a Volt, Auto Zeus.

I have been dealing with V4L  just about since they started,for  almost 4 years. This 5v unit has been in the works for quite sometime. Steve Milin, the owner of V4L wanted to create a perfect vape, stronger and easy to use so anyone could just pick it up and vape. I think he finally did it with this one. The Vapor Zeus is very easy to use, easy to fill, nothing to fiddle with, just fill and vape. It’s the size of a cigar, and at 5v it hits perfectly every time! and it comes in Automatic so you do not even need to press a button!

The Dual Mode Vapor Zeus is 5v, can be either manual or automatic with the 5 click function. The other Zeus is an Automatic that also does 5v. They are the size of maybe an 1100 mah ego. They charge with a usb connection on the end of the unit. so I believe they could be used in passthru mode. I attach it to a wall adapter.

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The thing is, I have no idea what the price will be on these units, but they are pretty amazing. I require a good strong vape to keep me from smoking and these Vapor Zeus do the trick. I have been using them for a bit and they are wonderful. I asked a few other people who were testing them what they thought so far and they said they thought they were awesome. They would recommend them and they were very much enjoying using them. The other testers have been vapers for some time and have other ecigs and mods to compare them too so they would know. I also asked for pro’s and con’s and here is what we came up with together.

PRO They vape very well.

They are a 5v that is the size of an ego.

They will be very nice for taking out on the town. 

It’s an awesome PV that creates amazing amounts vapor.

The cartomizers that come with it fill easily, hold 3ml (70 drops),  perform great and are 2.5 ohm.

They can be used with 808 cartos and carto tanks.

Can be used as a passthru.

Pocket friendly.

CON- They are regular 808 threaded not ego threaded.

They take a while to charge.

We don’t know what the price will be yet.

So Basically the pro’s outweigh the cons for sure. The Vapor Zeus is a totally functioning 5v mod vape in an ego sized body. I like it very much and I’m happy to have been able to test it and share the info with you. I do have to recommend it. It’s a wonderful unit. I much prefer the dual-mode Zeus to the Auto Zeus for at home but the Auto Zeus is perfect for sticking in your pocket and running errands. It’s just a matter of choice. Both are equally great units.

The Vapor Zeus should be released soon from Vapor4Life and then you can try it for yourself.

I personally think that Old Steve Milin did good with this one! It’s a winner. Good Job!! You did well my friend!

(My only complaint and I have to add it here is ITS NOT PINK!!)

Everyone knows Keyzy wants a pink one!



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